Corporate Information


Sahachai Thai Crops Public Company Limited

Who They Are

Exporter of agricultural products, pickled ginger.


Delicately emphasized on quality of ginger processing both pickled and sliced ginger to match customer needs.

What they accomplished

Pickled and sliced ginger earned GMP and HACCP CODEX. Certifird by Thai FDA for producing qualified products for department stores and retailers

Managing Director

Mr. Ittichet Techakraisri

Length of Establishment :

Founded in 1981 (38 years until present)

Export Country

Thailand, Japan

Next Goal

Expand exporting to North America, South America and Europe

T Mark Benefits

Created trust in quality of production process that it applied fair employment and helped improve envirionment.

T Mark Member

พ.ศ. 2561 - 2564



Contact Information


Sahachai Thai Crops Public Company Limited


68 Moo 4 Phaholyothin road, Mae Puem, Muang, Phayao 56000

Tel :

+66(0) 54-428123-5

Fax :

+66 (0) 54-428529


Sahachai Thai Crops Co., Ltd.: Present Thai Pickled Ginger to the Global Market.

Japanese or Korean food-lover might be accustom to pickled ginger which is always a side dish for almost every menus. Ones might think that those ginger is definitely from its original countries. However, the truth is it comes from Thailand.

Created trust in quality of production process that it applied fair employment and helped improve envirionment.

Business starts from father generations and pass on to son’s.

Sahachai Thai Crops exports pickled ginger to many countries around the world. Under the management of Mr. Itthichet Techakraisri, the son of Mr. Sakdichai Techakraisri who established the company in 1981, the company has expanded from exporting pickled ginger to Japan and U.S.A. to introducing new products such as sliced ginger. Mr. Ittichet establishes new factory for sliced ginger and adds more production lines to match the demand of customers. The export countries also expands to Europe, Southeast Asian countries and more cities in Japan.

Consistency in every aspects

Although Sahachai Thai Crops has gradually grown, their business is firm and sustainable. This development style requires consistency in every aspects which include.

A consistent good quality

Sahachai Thai Crops controls quality of their product since its raw resources. They use young ginger from Northern part of Thailand because of its good quality. They establishes another factory in Phayao to save transportation time, production cost and quality of ginger preservation. Their production process is controlled by many international standards such as GAP, GMP, HACCP CODEX and Thai FDA standards which confirms that their products come from safety and qualified production.

A consistent production systems and technologies development

Because of their constant development and quality control, Sahachai Thai Crops keeps bringing innovations to develop production process. Most of their machine comes from Japan which makes the process quite similar to Japan. They also uses solar cell to save environment.

A consistent food safety

Food safety is important for customers. Sahachai Thai Crops is aware of this aspect and has received international food safety standard which can ensure customers about their products.

A consistent organization and employee development

Sahachai Thai Crops applies Buddhism principles in running their business. They handle customers, family, employees, environment, social security and their own business with good governance. They set specific budget for employees and organization development.

A consistent society sharing

Sahachai Thai Crops consistently shares parts of their income to support society. They host Krathin merit makings, build school buildings as a return to Thai society.

A consistent job creating for Thai farmers

Helping Thai farmers is another mission of Sahachai Thai Crops. Now, they support Thai farmers in ginger cultivation by supplying agricultural experts and introducing new technologies. This results in income enhancement and job creation for Thai farmers. They purchase around 5,000 metric tons of ginger directly from farmers in the upper and lower Northern provinces which are Chiang Rai, Phayao, Nan, Prae, Petchaboon, Phitsanuloke and Loei

Future Goal

When there is a goal, the most important mission is to reach it. The company plans to expand their export to North America, South America and Europe. T Mark is an essential assistant which helps create trust in qualified production process, fair employment and environmental safety. After receiving this symbol, the company gets a few new customers who immediately trust the brand when seeing the symbol.

It can be said that Sahachai Thai Crops’s style is to gradually expand business from father generation by keeping current system while developing organization in every aspects such as image, quality, variety, employee to proudly reach global market.