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Authentic Thai Spa. Co., Ltd.

Who They Are :

Manufacturer and distributor of beauty products under the brands Sabai-arom and Sranrom. The company insists on using local natural ingredients sourced from throughout Thailand.

Vision :

- Represent Thailand and its abundance through the use of local ingredients.
- Support farmers by fair-trading
- Create awareness and build business on the principles of sufficiency economy.

What they accomplished :

Sabai-arom is operated under a philosophy that farmers are an important asset for the brand. It is very careful about sourcing ingredients so that consumers can benefit from the products. Sabai-arom is a trusted brand amongst local and international consumers.

Managing Director :

Sasathorn Na Songkhla

Length of Establishment :

Founded in 2004. 11 years old.

Export Country :

Yokohama and Shinjuku, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea.

Next Goal :

- Sabai-arom aims to expand its market in Thailand. The brand now retails its products in Boots but it aims to set up its own flagship store in the future.

T Mark Benefits :

T Mark helps endorse the authenticity of Sabai-arom’s Thainess. It also gives foreign buyers a boost of confidence.

T Mark Member:

June 2013 - May 2016

Thaitrade :

Contact Information

Company :

Authentic Thai Spa. Co., Ltd.

Address :

48/274 Ramkhamhaeng 104, Saparnsoong, Bangkok 10240

Tel :

+66 (0) 2 372 2468

Fax :

+66 0 2 729 5836

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A strong belief in the happiness of being one with nature, the experiences witnessing simple lives and simple happiness all over Thailand combined with traditional wisdom are the factors that shape the brand Sabai-arom.

A truly Thai product that presents local ingredients such as rice, lemongrass, chilli, jasmine, mango etc. These ingredients are expertly formulated to create products of happiness in the forms of body lotion, body scrub, and essential oil, etc.

Throughout 11 years of operations, excellent local ingredients and the happiness-led business approach are the two main factors that bring about Sabai-arom’s success both locally and internationally. Its work philosophy is adopted by its employees as well as growers and end-users.

Local ingredients at the heart of the operation

Thailand Trust Mark (T Mark) is given to entrepreneurs who pay close attention to using local ingredients and materials. Sabai-arom is one of such entrepreneurs. The brand has travelled all over Thailand to look for the best ingredients from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Surin to Rayong and Koh Samui. Not only has the brand sourced the best quality of ingredients, it also looks for growers who are kind towards the ecology. Sabai-arom launched its first collection Happy Rice, with a line of products containing 3 different types of rice sourced from organic farmers from Tamor District in Surin Province. Rice is the soul of Thai food as well as a symbol of Thai culture. The brand mixes rice with pure sesame oil and organic mung bean to create nutrient rich recipes for body lotion, hand cream and shower cream. The brand later developed other recipes and created more collections of products that cater to wider groups of consumers such as the Divine Mango collection featuring Mahachanok Mango from Lumpoon, Homegrown Lemongrass collection, Jasmine Ritual collection, Wonder Banana collection, Rose de Siam collection, etc. Sabai-arom sources its ingredients from farmers who care about their crops and love what they do. Happiness is the key ingredient in all of the brand’s products.

Gradual but steady growth

Sabai-arom’s goal is not to only sell products but to communicate Thai culture to the world. Receiving Thailand Trust Mark is a vote of confidence for the company’s admirable mission. A recognition from an esteemed government organisation shows that the brand’s philosophy is appreciated as well as endorsing the brand’s stance in presenting Thai culture to the world through its products. Thailand Trust Mark also helps build recognition and confidence in the brand’s products amongst international consumers.

Apart from the quality and natural aspect of Sabai-arom’s products the brand puts special emphasis on the origin of each ingredient. It tells stories of its raw materials as well as the ancient wisdom and tradition attached to them. Products from Sabai-arom offer more than nourishment for users’ body, they also represent the abundance of Thailand and its culture. The company has grown gradually over the years. Its products have been placed in over 200 branches of Boots in throughout Thailand.

The products are also sold in other countries such as 5 major cities in Japan. Although the brand is rather well-known amongst consumers, Sabai-arom has not stopped improving their ‘products of happiness’ approach. It has recently launched a sister brand called Sranrom which focuses more on local market. The company wants Thai consumers to be able to enjoy quality products, benefit from the happiness-led attitude of the brand and support Thai growers and farmers all at the same time.

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Guaranteed Quality
(Thailand Trust Mark)

T Mark helps endorse the authenticity of Sabai-arom’s Thainess. It also gives foreign buyers a boost of confidence.