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Lavish Thailand Company Limited

Who They Are

Healthy drink product


Commit to create healthy and safety products using pure natural extracts.

What they accomplished

Everything had to be transparency, standardized manufacturer plant, products and labor treatment.

Managing Director

Sopidnapha Chumpanee

Length of Establishment :


Export Country

Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Singapore, Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria

Next Goal

Produce more beauty products to reach One Stop Shopping goal of providing good health throughout a customer’s body.

T Mark Benefits

Guaranteed and certified many standards through one symbol including product quality, environment safety, labor protection and CSR.

T Mark Member

April 2018 - December 2021



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Lavish Thailand Company Limited


408/2, soi Ladprao 94 (Pajamitr), Srivara, Plubpla, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310

Tel :

+66(0) 62 193-6656

Fax :

+66 (0) 2 530-9943


Lavish, supplementary food, for healthy ladies.

Not many people knew that Ms. Sophitnapha (Jeab) used to work in export and import company before starting her actress career and she continued operating export and import and restaurant business all along.  However, one business she had never been interested in was food supplementary. 

In her late thirties, Jeab’s health began to change.  It was not as good as before in spite of her regular exercise.  Her body worked hard for a long time so exercising, healthy diet and other beauty routines were no longer enough.  Her healthy and clear skin was faded and sickness said hello.  She then took medicine regularly ,which, as all have known, weakened liver and kidney functions.  Later on, she seek to find alternative ways to be healthy without consuming lots of medicine.  Her friend introduced cordyceps sinesis in which she tried and received good result.  She started introducing it to others and they also received good result.  That was when she had an idea to set up the company under the name Lavish (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

Guaranteed and certified many standards through one symbol including product quality, environment safety, labor protection and CSR.

Change product appearance to attract customers 

Many people might stick onto the image of an appalling brown plant and believed that the taste might be equally appalling without tasting it.  Jeab knew how to run business so she consulted with the experts and changed its appearance, added other ingredients, applied innovations and finally processed it to be an easy-to-consume supplementary food.  It had attractive appearance and directly reached to body’s cells after consumption.  Many customers claimed that it tasted good, was easy to consume and had positive effect to their health. Initially, the company produced only 1000 - 2000 boxes and intended to mainly send to acquaintances.  However, good feedback made them take it more serious. They extended the production to 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 boxes respectively.  Their business was growing to the third year when they launched new product requested by customers.  Lavish’s success came from integrity, transparency and verification ability. 

Do it by heart

Lavish understood consumers’ behaviors, bodies and emotions from baby to elder, therefore, they dared to supply supplementary food to others.  All products were tasted by the owner and her beloved ones which proved Lavish’s integrity.

Lavish’s products were good for health and safe to consume since they used only pure natural extracts.  If the consumers had questions or comments, they could contact Lavish via many channels including Facebook Page, [email protected] and phone call.​ Apart from giving their hearts through great quality product for consumers, Lavish also treated their employees equally sincere.  Under the idea that everyone was a family member, Lavish provided employees benefit, production safety and fair trade.   

Transparent and can be verified. 

Lavish realized that people usually doubted when actress own food supplementary business so they tried creating trust and transparency through many standards.  They received plant standard, labor standard for care and fair benefit to employees,  Thai FDA standard for products.  They also received one symbol that could cover all standards, Thailand Trust Mark or T Mark, which certified plant standard, product quality, environmental safety, labor protection and CSR.  T Mark allowed Lavish to proudly present their transparency and credibility and above all create better trust. 

In the future, Lavish (Thailand) Co., Ltd. plans to launch beauty products and One Stop Shopping service which facilitates customers to have overall healthy body at one stop.