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CPF Thailand Public Company Limited

Who They Are

Develop the best products for dogs and offer alternative products to dog owners.


Developed new products every 4 years and controlled product quality to meet the received international standards.

What they accomplished

Developed new products every 4 years and controlled product quality to meet the received international standards.

Managing Director

Mr. Ravee Teeranate

Length of Establishment :

Founded in 2002 (17 years until present)

Export Country

Thailand, Australia, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada

Next Goal

Deliver their dog food brand to international standard.

T Mark Benefits

T Mark created business competitiveness because customer realized that the products were accepted from Thailand’s government sector.

T Mark Member

2017 - 2020



Contact Information


CPF Thailand Public Company Limited


127/4 Punjathani tower, 4th floor, Nonsee road, Chong Nonsee, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120

Tel :

+66(0) 2-681-2299

Fax :

+66 (0) 36-246061


Jerhigh: dog food manufacture using CSR activities to attract customer

Dogs are a part of family.  Apart from giving them love, giving quality food shows bonding and caring to your beloved dogs.  Jerhigh understands the need of dogs and their owners thoroughly. 

Aiming to find representative of love between dogs and their owners, Jerhigh’s founder realized that nothing could compete food for favorite dogs.  When dogs enjoyed eating food given by owners or that food made them fit and healthy, the owners were also happy.  This was how Jerhigh, dog food brand began in 2002, 17 years up to now. 

T Mark created business competitiveness because customer realized that the products were accepted from Thailand’s government sector.

Create new concepts every 4 years

Since Jerhigh wants to develop the best products for dogs and provide more options to dogs’ owner, they always have a plan to develop new products.  Every 4 years, they change product’s concept.  At the beginning, they emphasized that good dog food was a representative of love.  Later on, they started viewing dogs as human beings so they developed various types of food and made it more similar to human food such as sausage.  From 2010 to 2013, they showed that dogs were true friends and best friends so they introduced food for health such as food for good joints or food for good health. They then developed delicious premium dog food packed with all nutrition.

Quality together with environment conservation.

When Jerhigh has a strategy to develop new products every 4 years, their concern is not only about the products.  Developing employees has to come in parallel.  Jerhighs provides necessary benefit to employees enabling them mentally and physically to work and grow with the company.  At the same time, Jerhigh also controls product quality to reach international standards they have received which are 
- GMP and HACCP:  certification from the Department of Livestock. Standards focusing on food safety process control and contaminants in food. 
- Traceability: standard of tracing back to products raw material and manufacturing processes.
- Human foods Standard: standard showing that processed dog food has good nutrition as equivalent human food.
- ISO 9001:  certificate from Bureau Veritas focusing on executives who satisfy the customer.
- Integration Business: standard certified that brand acquires the finest chicken meat from standardized farm.          The brand also received ISO 14000: 2001 from Bureau Veritas which indicated that they has standard in environmental management both in plant and products.  

CSR, essential strategy to create brand awareness. 

Currently, people might think that online advertising is the only best way to present their products.  In fact, there are many other strategies depending on each brand stereotype.  Jerhigh not only had advertised both online and off line but also had activities with business partners such as department stores and pet shops who sell pet food.  The important ones were  CSR activities such as “Jerhigh brings dogs to cinema”, bringing customers’ favorite dogs to watch movie or “Lovely vets share love to stray dogs”, the project they cooperated with veterinarians from various institutes to help stray dogs and shared food to many foundations for stray dogs countrywide.  

Those CSR activities both returned benefits to society and created friendship and business partners and bridged the gap among dogs, their owners and business partners.  Above all, this helped advertising Jerhigh’s dog food brand. 

Enhance confidence by certified marks.

 Now, dog food market values 120,000 million U.S. dollars, which is considered pretty large.  Jerhigh aims to be global brand.  They are exporting products to South Korea, China, Japan, etc.  In Thailand, Jerhigh owns 36% in snack market shared. They are quite confident to go for global market with the supports from various standards such as BRC, the food safety standard in the Great Britain and Europe countries which is designed to manage food safety along the chains from manufacturers to food delivery, Prime Minister’s export award  (PM Award) which is the highest recognition from government for the best exporter to show Thai products and services’ quality and standard in the world market and Thailand Trust Mark (T Mark) which is a symbol that endorses that the products have quality, standard, trustworthy manufacturer and international product standard. After receiving T Mark in 2014, their sales has risen up by 14%.

 With confidence in premium quality products and trust of symbols from many authorities, Jerhigh is prompt to fully be an international dog food brand with Thai pride.