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Who They Are

Produce and export the “Namhom” Coconut complete production, fresh and processed. Supply an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), including distributing the processed coconut production in the form of Franchise, Coconut Café, both domestic and international.


Manufacture quality Coconut Production to the world market with morality

What they accomplished

“Namhom” Coconut Production expansion and exportation. As well as, the international market expansion for processed “Namhom” Coconut production in the form of Coconut Café franchise.

Managing Director

Ms. Waraporn Manusrungsri

Length of Establishment :

5 Years

Export Country

United States of America, China, Australia, United Kingdom, and Russia

Next Goal

All Coco Franchise expansion in the international market

T Mark Benefits

Receiving Thailand Trust Mark assures consumers to have more confidence in our products. Not only in the domestic market, T Marks also certify the quality in exportation to the international market resulting in “All Coco” Brand Image improvement in the world.

T Mark Member

Year 2019



Contact Information


All Coco Group Limited


139/6, Moo 2, Laksam sub-district, Baanpaew district, Samutsakorn 74120

Tel :

+66(0) 34-481-821-2

Fax :

+66 (0) 34481823


All Coco: Adding value to Nam Hom coconut water to become a big hit.

Isn’t it good to find and export Nam Hom coconut water easier? Let’s study how All Coco uses innovation to upgrade and add value to Nam Hom coconut water.

Created trust that products were certified quality and standard by government.

All problems must be solved.

With more than 15 years of experience in Nam Hom coconut water market under the name K Fresh, the company who has exported fresh Nam Hom coconuts, found out may problems. The sizes of fresh coconut were different and sometimes the shapes were damage during transportation. Even though the taste of their water was still delicious, the coconuts’ appearances were not attractive. There was over supplier and they couldn’t purchase all coconuts from farmers. The fresh coconuts were hard to eat. Plus, there was a demand of coconut water off-season from foreign customers.

These problems affected the company’s income, therefore, they had to find solutions. One of these solutions was adding value by taking coconut water out of fresh coconuts, put in bottles and sold under All Coco brand.

Giving new experience to attract customers.

Everyone agrees that Nam Hom coconut water is full of good nutrition for human body and of course has a good taste. However, the problem lies on the difficulty of taking it out. All Coco provides easier way of consuming Nam Hom coconut water by just opening the bottle. Customers can still consume its similar sweetness, freshness and nutrition while All Coco can also fix over supplier and off-season demand at the same time.

Adding creativity and easy-to-reach sale location can expand customer base.

Adding creativity into their product is the essential element that makes All Coco more popular among customers. The selected innovations All Coco has used allows them to provide fresh coconut water in the bottles and it tastes like real coconut water but lasts longer. They want the customer to enjoy full quality of fresh coconut water in a bottle.

Premium and modern packaging design allows All Coco to expand to larger customer base. In addition, All Coco has opened the first coconut café in Thailand under the name Coconut Café to extend customer base and create good brand image.

All Coco’s concept is to sell franchise of Coconut Café. One who buys All Coco’s concept can change All Coco’s coconut water or other products into food or other forms. The research found out that foreign customers loved Thai Nam Hom coconut water the most because its odor, delish taste, quality and fair price. That is how All Coco begins.

The company has expanded sale locations continuously in major department stores in Bangkok and suburban, major provinces and popular tourist destinations to reach more customers.

Create work for labor, Safe environment and help Thai farmers.

R&D of All Coco in cooperation with Kasetsart University enables the company to help farmers in many ways; providing know-how and creating more income. All Coco directly purchases Nam Hom coconut from farmers who plant according to All Coco’s standard. They can efficiently manage fair labor system and create environmental awareness around All Coco’s coconut plantation. This keeps the ecosystem alive.

Customers are confident when seeing T Mark symbol.

Building brand confidence is a goal for every brands. T Mark is another trustworthy symbol for customers because they are ensure that Thai government has already checked the product’s quality and standard in many aspects.

If you think of the best species of coconut, think of Nam Hom coconut. If you think of Nam Hom coconut, think of All Coco.