Corporate Information


Siam Agro-Food Industry Public Company Limited

Who They Are

Thailand’s major exporter of processed fruit under the brands World Foods, Stack World Food and SAICO


Commit to sustainably develop products as a leader of fruit processing industry.

What they accomplished

Produce safety food that passes international standard and is environmental friendly to satisfy customers.

Managing Director

Ms. Kwanjit Tantimuratha

Length of Establishment :

Established in 1962 (57 years)

Export Country

Thailand, The Netherlands, England, Australia, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Spain, France

Next Goal

The ultimate goal is to sustain business by committing to produce products by applying innovations and to help Thai farmers to sustainable grow as the company.

T Mark Benefits

Guaranteed that company earned standards certified by expert

T Mark Member



Contact Information


Siam Agro-Food Industry Public Company Limited


50 , Sukhumvit 21 Road, Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Tel :

+66(0) 2 665-9333

Fax :

+66 (0) 2 665-9348


Siam Agro-Food Industry (SICO) processes fruit and creates income for Thai people.

Agriculture is the main occupation for Thai people for a long time. Decent geography allows Thai farmers to plants various crops. However, the raw products are vulnerable and their price is relatively low. Processing agricultural products is the solution for value added and product preservation. Mr. Kannapak Tantipipatpong, CEO of Siam Agro-Food Industry Public Company Limited, saw the benefit in product value added and wanted to create sustainable income to Thai farmers. Therefore, he had started researching about fruit processing and became Thailand’s top fruit processing exporter operating World Foods, Stack World Food and SAICO.

Guaranteed that company earned standards certified by expert

Create people, create jobs.

The critical manpower in export fruit processing did not only came from management level only, but also included employees and many farmers who worked with SICO.

The company had a policy of fair employment. Child labor and human right violation were prohibited while employee hearing and freedom of employees were encouraged. The most important thing was there was no double standard, which might affect stability of organization’s operation.

Creating jobs and supporting Thai farmers has also always been another essential mission of the company. They purchased crops, guaranteed price and income, provided integrated knowledge and educated cultivation techniques for a high quantity of products with reduced cost, for example, reduced using chemical substance.

Contribute to the society through CSR activities.

The company always hosted many CSR activities to return benefits to each factory’s neighborhood, for example, providing scholarship or knowledge to develop schools, developing community’s landscape or cleaning temples and their neighborhoods.

Environmental friendly.

Responsibility towards communities and environment has been in a great attention of the company. Eco-friendly technologies were applied to production process to avoid environment effect. Bonding activities between employees and customers such as Growing Forest for the King were arranged in order to stimulate amiable relationship in the organization and environment protection awareness.

Sustainable development

Tropical climate and geography had allowed Thailand to have many reasonable-price product resources. However, current climate change affected quantity of crops. The cost of crops, which was the main ingredient of company’s products, was rising. The company started finding sustainable agricultural development method and worked closer with their farmers’ network on fruit knowledge, innovations, research, quality check and control and problem solving. The company also launched new product strategy. They continued produced the same OEM style with emphasis on functional food production such as low-sugar, low sodium processing fruit and clean food. They starts the sales in Thailand as a trial, knowing that there are target groups. If they receive positive feedback, they will then export.

T Mark, tool for export

Thailand Trust Mark is an essential tool for the company’s export since it can guarantee standard certified by experts. It was noticeable that when business counterparts saw the company’s T Mark symbol in international trade fair, they paid more attention to the products.

Although Siam Agro-Food Industry is already a nation’s major fruit processing exporter, their ultimate goal is to have sustainable business. Therefore, Siam Agro-Food Industry continues to sustainably develop products with innovation together with Thai agriculture.