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Tai Peng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Who They Are :

Manufacturer and exporter of plumbing accessories made of brass such as faucets and pipes

Vision :

To focus on improving quality with advanced technology and experience of professionals

What they accomplished :


Managing Director :

Peerapong Ariyajamlert

Length of Establishment :

Established in 1967

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Next Goal :

Adopting the latest technology in production process, expanding domestic market and export base to other countries in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East

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T Mark Member:

January 2014 – January 2017

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Company :

Tai Peng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Address :

46/4 Moo 12 Bangplee-Kingkeaw Rd. Bangpleeyai Bangpklee Samuthprakarn 10540 Thailand

Tel :

+66 (0) 2 337 3638

Fax :

+66 (0) 2 337 3639

Email :

[email protected]


Tai Peng is definitely one of those names that will pop up in one’s mind as the leader in the production and distribution of Thai brass plumbing accessories with international standard quality.

From the start point in 1967, Tai Peng established its first manufacturing plant in Bang Khun Tian District, Bangkok, to produce and market brass accessories for plumbing systems, both for household and for industrial enterprises. With its accumulated experience, Tai Peng decided to expand the business under a new name “Tai Peng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and moved the factory to Bang Phli district, Samut Prakarn in 1985. Like a visionary who foresaw the importance of incessant improvement, Tai Peng Valve never stops developing the production process in order to deliver products with excellent quality and meet the needs of consumers, both end users and operators.

Tai Peng Valve offers a wide range of products, namely faucet valves made of high quality brass, special faucets artistically adorned with flower designs perfectly suited for hotels or resorts, handles in animal shapes like birds and fish, suitable for use in gardens, brass pipes with anti-rust quality for pumps and pipe systems ideal for seafaring ships, high quality brass pipes and brass fittings on for fishing boats that will not be eroded by the sea wind.

Service Mind

Tai Peng Valve is currently managed and administered by Mr. Peerapong Ariyajam-lert, the managing director who leads the company toward success and over-comes any obstacles that arise, such as the impact of the floods in 2011 that led to necessary slowdown in business growth before returning to the market a leader champion in just a few years. The high level of production quality, the product quality, durability, and design are the distinguishing combination of the strategies that make Tai Peng Valve second to none.

Product of Tai Peng Valve Manufacturing

ผManufacturer and exporter of plumbing accessories made of brass such as faucets and pipes.

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