Alcoholic beverage made from fruit.


Alcoholic beverage made from fruit.


Suphalak Waiwing




Alcoholic beverage made from fruit.

BANGKOK development Winery Ltd. was established on March 30, 2542 engaged in manufacturing soft drinks gas. And compressed gas Type of alcohol And non-alcoholic The export to foreign countries. And domestic distribution The amount of light Enterprises (1992) Ltd., located at 136 Soi 20 Jomtien Beach. Road Bang - Bang Khun Thian Bangkok 10150 Beach Samaedam represent domestic products. Because many of the exhibitors have traveled overseas journalists who follow the Department of Export Promotion. And the Department of Industry has asked "why the company did not produce wine that tastes delicious and is sold in some," and several of the fairs abroad, with news about wines of the company as well. China and India, and the. United states. United Arab Emirates Cesar Jardim city and Dubai with the company's clients say, "If your company can produce wine coolers. Alma Gaul and made out like a beer hall. Wireless Alma Gaul halls that are sold and sold well in the region. You do not get rich Middle East "  The inspiration for the company to do R & D for one year, so the ZPARK WINE COOLER NON ALCOHOL is the first and only company in Thailand.