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Drink juice


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Drink juice

Company Buono (Thailand) Co., Ltd., established in 2545, is a manufacturer and distributor of belluno cream genuine Italian skimmed the Gelato and Sorbet branded "Buono Gelato Italiano" meticulous in all stages of production, with the best ingredients. imported from all over the world Combined with a delicious traditional recipe from Mr.Renzo Fontanela and expert consultancy. Gelato across Europe The art of making gelato for more than three generations of people and has a chewy, tasty, low-fat ice cream with more natural ingredients. But with less fat ingredients Creating a unique flavor In the Buono than 100 flavors of ice cream and Gelato and Sorbet and exported to the world as the first.    In addition, genuine Italian ice cream Buono also create many delicious menu. I have tried to be as enamored as mochi ice cream powder soft Charon come true taste of France. And special occasions such as Gelato Mooncake Mooncakes filling ice cream exported to many countries and has been the most popular in Hong Kong, Gelato Truffle gelato coated Belgian chocolate, pure heart instead of saying love. Valentine's day, Fluffio juice, creamy coconut ice cream covered with a delicious layer of Belluno. Coconut, Rice Krispies And three 3-style soy ice cream and Fruit of Passion fruit flavored super-garde refreshing summer. Including forwarding services enjoyed with a cool gift from a third Belluno3 style and Fruit of Passion from Buono Box of Happiness cold storage for several hours, and unlimited ice cream filling. Suitable for all special occasions, parties and gatherings.